Professional, Yet Affordable MLS  Images

      That Will Motivate Home Buyers to Make That Call .  



        ​​Your  Home  In  Pictures

​​       For Realtors and Home Sellers

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   Is Your Listing Photo Shoot Ready? 

   I believe that every home out there, regardless of it's story, present condition, it's age or sq. ft.,

      has the potential to capture someone's imagination. The day after a home buyer has this experience,

​                     I want them to wake up, take the day off and make that call ... to you.  

     Many home sellers remain at their home, while going through the process of selling, 

surrounded by those things they use daily, keeping them within reach and in plain sight.

That's o.k. for daily living. These are elements of a comfortable home.

​                    However, clutter gets in the way the day of the photo shoot, when left out in the open. 

      In any home, clutter creates the impression of small spaces, discomfort and inconvenient

in the buyer's eye. Distracting away from the great features of the home, Clutter works

against the seller's plans of selling, the realtor's goal of satisfying their clients and the

photographer's eagerness for creating polished images that attract home buyers.   

It is common practice to at least, do routine cleaning in preparation for an MLS photo shoot.

This is a good start. 

To prepare a home for a professional photo shoot that shows all the desirable features it has to offer, 

                                      a mini transformation should be in the works.

The following tips, which are based on my actual experiences. reflect some of the most common overlooked things that, if taken into consideration, can generate more interest and requests for showings. 

General/Living areas
      *Floors: hard surfaces need to be moped (dust does show), carpet vacuumed    
      *Pets, their food, beds, bowls and toys should be put away.
      *Replace burned out light bulbs.  
      *Conceal electric cables/wires flat screens, clocks, lamps, other electronics …         
      *A few framed family photos is a good compromise.  


     *Store away: fridge magnets, art work, cleaning supplies, dinnerware, trash cans.                   
     *Pantry/laundry rooms should be clean and organized.
     *Counter tops: wiped, limit the display of small appliances (maybe 1 per area to show functionality,        without raising concerns of limited work space and "just not large enough"). 

     *Sinks: Clean and empty (no dishes, sponges, detergent…)
           Decorative flowers, colorful kitchen towels, clocks, candle in holders, floor mats, 

   pictures, even dinnerware settings on a table and similar items… can make living spaces inviting


     *Beds should be made, and should not be placed sideways against walls.
     *Master closets/storage spaces can be a great selling point, should be organized.  
     *Put Away: personal items such as tooth/hair brushes and dryers dryers, toiletries, used soaps,

      and grooming items (specially in shower enclosures), old looking towels and floor mat

     *Shower curtain and tubs should be clean. 

                           Place decorative towels by the sinks and tubs. Use for display pretty, artsy,

                                 shinny objects​ to create an inviting feeling...

Outdoor areas:

     *Yard and grassy areas need to be mowed, edged and clear of debris.
     *Sweep patios/balconies, pick up random items, clear debris, hose down any dirt.
     *Patio furniture should be clean and in good condition, otherwise, put away.

                                          Real Estate Photography By Robert Moore

Robert Moore

​Real Estate Photographer